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Sale conditions

Terms and Conditions


This agreement is between Sud Loisirs (referred to in this agreement as “Sud Loisirs” or “We” or “Us”) and you (referred to in this agreement as “You” or “Your”). It contains the fullagreement between You and Us for the services you purchase through this website.

1Booking process

After receiving payment, a confirmation of your booking will be e-mailed to you. Your booking can be considered as confirmed unless otherwise notified in the 48h following hours.

You can book up to 48h before departure, whereafter online booking will be automatically set unavailable. Thenceforth, you will only be able to book by phone or instant messaging.

2Booking and payment

Terms and conditions are considered as fully read and understood once the payment is received (or deposit). According to the Consumer Code Article L.121-20-4, people who are registered to an activity do not benefit of 7 days delay for retraction.

2.1Payment methods

Payments may be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, through our website payment process.



Customers adhere prior to any booking to complete information asked on website. Customers must give truthfullness and accurate information. Once your service choice is done, the process encompasses enter of your credit/debit card details, the reading and agreements of our terms, conditions and the price of your booking.

The Ultinow booking platform will automatically and instantly send you an acknowledgement booking email. That email will remind you contract offer, services booked and scheduled date, prices, cancelation conditions, after sales information, and the address where customers can claim and constest.

On internet, some products need to be paid in totality no matter how long before it has been booked. For some products a deposit is required and will be precised in the « prices » category. In that case, the balance will be paid online, or by check or cash on the day of your visit.

3Contract modification on customer's behalf.


Any cancelation has to be done with an acknowledgement receipt. In all cases, Sud Loisirs will withdraw cancelation fees calculated as below :

  • If cancelling more than 7 days before departure : 10% of total price

  • If cancelling less than 7 days before departure : 50% of total price

  • If cancelling in the last 2 days before departure : 100% of total price


Any changes of date or products books must be notified 7 days before departure at the latest with an acknowledgement receipt. Under 7 days before departure, any changes will be considered as cancelation and therfore lead to cancelation conditions (3.1 Cancelation). Renunciation to any of your products booked will not be refund.

3.3Last minute changes

Any last minute changes on customers behalf will be only effective after the agreement of Sud Loisirs, the guide, and all the group.. In that case, extra fees are at customers discretion.

3.4Contract assignement

If a contract assignement has to occur, Sud Loisirs must be notified at least 7 days before departure. An acknowledgement receipt is compulsary.

3.5Interruption of rental period

Any service interruption after customers decision (health reasons, difficulty or anything else) will not lead to a refund of unused products. Any additional costs incurred by the participant will not be reimbursed. After a medical repatriation, participant’s unused services can not be reimbursed.

4Contract modification on Sud Loisirs’ behalf


  • Lack of participants can lead to service cancelation.

  • In case of very bad weather. Only Sud Loisirs can cancel your booking because of a weather that could compromise your safety. Participants cannot ask for a reschedule or cancelation without fees being applied (see §3.1).

  • In case of force majeure event (war, impredictable events, strike, natural disaster…)

If it happens to occur you will be notified by phone or email. From that time within 4 days you will be able to choose between :

  • being refund (a 5% cancellation fee may occur in case you overpass this 4 days delay)

  • being postponed on another date or service that we can propose,

  • no other compensation could be claimed in any case for a cancellation on our behalf.

4.2Last minute changes

The program or the route can be modified just before departure because of weather conditions. The guide in charge can configure a new route at any time in order to get it safer, according to participants abilities. Participants cannot decide to cancel on their own and being reimbursed.

4.3Modification during rental period

Program and route may be subject to modification according to the weather conditions and your skills for safety and organisation matters. Only the guide will be able to do these modifications without notice. Sud Loisirs may therefore be required to cover the additional services incurred or refund the difference in price between the services predicted and those provided (except in case of force majeure).

4.4Interruption of rental period

At any moment the service can be ended according to the guide’s wills, when safety, weather or your skills are compromising. Sud Loisirs will refund the difference in price between the services predicted and those provided (except in case of force majeure).


Sud Loisirs has a professional indemnity insurance, but it doesn’t replace the civil liability insurance that you must have.

5.1Unrelated events

Sud Loisirs will not be held responsible for unrelated events such as : delay, absence, risky attitude, third party’s incident, force-majeure.


6.1Equipment provided

Sud Loisirs provided equipment are entrusted to participants who become therefore responsible for the activity duration. Any deterioration may result in additional fees. Participants are free to use their personnal gear under their own responsibility, without being able to claim any reduction or compensation.

6.2Equipment to bring

Equipment needed is listed in the technical description of the corresponding service. It is important to control your equipment, safety, comfort. The customer is solely responsible for his personnal equipment.


7.1Price validity

Sud Loisirs prices only encompass general organisation, guiding and material rent.

Additional fees : It’s on customers behalf to acknowledge every services included. Provincial parc entrance fees are not included and must be paid on the day of your arrival at the entrance gate.
Prices are based on actual economic conditions and are therefore subject to change. Only the prices given at the time of your reservation, for services provided by Sud Loisirs, are guaranteed. Promotions or reductions are nor combinable neither retroactive.

7.2Online payment

We have chosen ultinow.com/stripe.com to secure online payment. Your credit card/debit card can be refused if: stolen card, blocked card, maximum amount reached, false information, incorrect information… If some problem occurs during the payment process, customers must contact his bank and Sud Loisirs.

7.3Small groups extra fees

In case of insufficient number of participants, we can propose the requested service through extra fees. If on the day of departure the group size reaches the minimum number required, the surcharge becomes undue by the customer; it is refunded or unclaimed.

8Respect for private life

Private life’s respect is a subject which is at the heart of the concerns of the reservation platform. Customers are informed about each of the forms of personal data’s collection, mandatory or optional information. Information processed are intended solely for the establishment and payment providers online. This information is not passed on to other third parties. When paying online, the bank details of the customer must be sent by the payment provider Stripe.com to the bank of the establishment, for the execution of the reservation contract. The customer is informed that this data transfer can therefore be carried out in foreign countries that do not have adequate personal data protection in the sense of the Data Protection Act. However, the customer consents to this transfer necessary for the execution of his reservation. Ultinow SAS / Stripe.com, have committed to take all measures of security and confidentiality of data transfers. Information requests and registration are informatically processed. According to Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify personal information by mail to the following address: Sud Loisirs - 63rue Gervolino, 98800 Nouméa Nouvelle Caledonia

9Further requests


Customers’ claimings must be addressed as a registered letter with all supporting documents to Sud Loisirs - 63rue Gervolino, 98800 Nouméa Nouvelle-Calédonie 1 month after booking at the latest.


All constestations are under Noumea District Court jurisdiction (expect specific cases).